Client: City of Valdez

Period of Performance: 2009-2014

Contact: Jack McKay/Scott Benda, 907.835.5478

Estimated Construction Costs: ~$1M

This site consisted of a series of projects. The first is the re-roofing of the existing Senior Center Building. Additional venting was supplied due to insufficient air flow. The roof above the mezzanine level had a warm roof and was converted into a cold roof. Due to weathering and ice damage, some of the metal siding was replaced along the front and back of the building. The second project focuses on the modification and renovation of the accessible emptied and treated attic areas of the existing Senior Center Building. Some draft stopping will be removed, as they are no longer required by code, as well as the addition of more roof ventilation. The existing individual dwelling unit attic accesses will be sealed and a new larger maintenance friendly common area access point will be created. Finally a new spray-applied vapor barrier and insulation to bring the building to current IECC standards

Alternate write up (taken from Susitna ES Exterior Building upgrades proposal):

Rohde & Associates provided design and construction administration services for the Valdez Senior Center. There were extensive modifications of the roof penetrations to relocate the penetrations either out the eave or further up the roofs. The overhangs were extended out to allow snow to drop out further away from the building, along with new ventilation and modifications to the existing insulating systems in the roof and the walls. The existing metal siding was in need of replacement after many years of snow lying up against the siding. A portion of the exterior wall along with studs and interior finishes were replaced due to water penetration past the exterior cladding. Revolution siding was utilized and is a superior product that will provide the owner a maintenance free aesthetically pleasing exterior finish system.


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