Period of Performance: 2011-2013

Contact: Charles Scherbaum, AHFC, 907.330.8318

Construction Costs: $367,000

R&A provided an energy assessment and design services for the AHFC headquarters building. With this energy assessment, an energy model and cost benefit analysis was performed which guided AHFC to determine how they wanted to make their building more energy efficient for the least investment. R&A and our design team provided an analysis of the existing glass wall cladding system, the roof system, and the mechanical system and provided design services to incorporate the most cost effective materials which provided the highest energy efficiency for the quickest payback. R&A provided design services to upgrade the existing lower and upper roofs to an R-48 since the building was losing most of its heat through the roof and hired a mechanical contractor to replace their heating system. Allen Rohde and Mark Silvia were key personnel in this project.

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