What We Do… and How We Do It!



Programming services include analysis and identification of the context of your building or space and your organization's current and future spatial requirements.  This task is typically accomplished with a face-to-face evaluation meeting with the individual end-user(s) of the facility being designed. Input from these participants coupled with physically visiting the site provides the required background information necessary to provide you with a program for your facility that will meet your needs for the foreseeable future.  We can also project your needs into the future with master planning services to accommodate future growth and expansion.


Environmental Sensitivity

It is everyone’s responsibility to be wise stewards of the earth.  It is our responsibility as architects to use our natural resources in a sustainable manner and to create energy efficient buildings utilizing state of the art methods and materials.  As an organization, we are committed to supporting the incorporation of advanced technology, including alternative power sources such as wind, solar, and geothermal.


An area of focus for Rohde Architects is the development of buildings that are responsive to extreme and varying climates, as well as the building’s physical surroundings.  These external factors create the need to provide technically appropriate design solutions that are also aesthetically pleasing.  Experience with a wide variety of projects over diverse geographic areas has enabled us to understand and evaluate historic construction solutions and to directly apply this knowledge toward current projects.   This experience generates design solutions that are cooperative with the building’s location and climactic conditions and coincide with the needs of the client.


Code Compliance 

Rohde Architects provides a code compliance study for every project under our direction.  We have extensive knowledge in and experience with the International Building Codes, State Amendments, Local Amendments, and with ADA and ANSI requirements for accessibility.  This is especially important for existing buildings to ensure that fire and life safety systems are in compliance with current codes. 


Accessibility Assessments 

Rohde Architects is well versed in barrier-free design and is proud to have been instrumental in bringing ADA modifications to a myriad of buildings.  Accessibility issues are extremely prevalent and can exist anywhere from exterior parking lots, ramps, and entrances to the interiors of buildings and restrooms.  We have performed accessibility assessments on numerous government, public, and private facilities, as well as schools and housing for the elderly. 


Existing Building Assessments/ Renovations and Retrofits

Mr. Rohde has a wealth of construction experience enabling him a unique ability to examine and assess the condition of existing buildings in need of renovation or restoration.  We are able to provide a cost-conscious approach to architectural design and have the knowledge to bring appropriate solutions to buildings in need of repair or repurposing for new ownership. We have extensive experience with tenant improvements, interior and exterior renovations, millwork replacement, energy saving upgrades, space planning, and reroof projects.


Post-Disaster Building Assessment

Mr. Rohde is nationally certified by the California Office of Emergency Services in the National Safety Assessment Program.  This program is utilized to classify buildings with regard to their ability to be occupied after a national disaster.  Activated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), this is a volunteer program that Rohde Architects participates in to assist our friends and neighbors in times of need.


Design and Document Services

Planning services include the conversion of information gathered during programming into physical schematic design alternatives for your evaluation.  In an effort to explore all avenues of potential solutions, you will typically be presented with several alternative schemes.  The final scheme is often an assimilation of several schemes combined in a manner that meets your needs most effectively.


Design and construction document services include the computer generation of both drawings and construction specifications using state of the art CAD programs, modeling, and specification writing software.  Our design production software provides our clients the best utilization of design time and resources requiring less time for design changes and exploration of alternatives.  Rohde Architects can provide you with cutting edge technology for three-dimensional building modeling, interior and exterior renderings, and building information modeling (BIM).  This software is utilized in the design process to assist in the development of energy efficient, sustainable design solutions.


Permitting, Project Bidding and Negotiation

Rohde Architects is available to assist you with the transition from initial design, through the permitting process, and on to the acquisition of builder's services.  We offer our services with traditional design, bid, and build acquisition methods, as well as negotiated bids, and the design-build approach to building acquisition.  We evaluate these methods with our clients on a project-by-project basis, and analyze their advantages for varying projects, locations, and bidding climates as a way to ensure that we arrive at the approach that best suits your needs.  We are well-versed in these various methods, and look forward to working with you to select the best method for your specific project.


Construction Administration

During construction, Rohde Architects can provide you with full construction administration services as required. We review submittals, generate clarifications and sketches, and respond to contractor questions in a timely manner. Upon substantial completion, we will perform an inspection which includes a punch list of tasks for the contractor to accomplish before final inspection. In addition to this final inspection we will work with your selected contractor to provide a complete set of record documents.